Standard labelling solutions

Zetes' Labelling solutions apply fast and highly accurate decorative labels to any product or box with the labelling heads of Swiss manufacturer Collamat. Collamat guarantees the quality, flexibility and accuracy of the labelling heads in high-speed environments. Some Applications for standard labelling can... more

Labelling of boxes & trays

Fast and efficient labelling in high-speed environments Zetes' labellers for items, boxes and trays (MD3000, MD4000) are designed to ensure efficient labelling in the most demanding environments. Benefits Features Labellers Compact, smart design All components fit onto one solid... more

Box, Tray & Pallet Labelling applicators

Tamp & Blow Blow Applicator Pivoting Applicator Smart Cylinder Tamp & blow applicator for physical or airflow labelling Zetes' tamp & blow applicators are extremely robust. The linear movement of the FESTO-cylinder is controlled by an industrial FEN-guide that absorbs the power of the... more

Pallet Labelling

Apply A5-labels to one or more sides of your pallets, in line with GS1-standards Benefits Features Brochures The pallet applicators in our range are built on a universal chassis: Depending on the mounted applicator, the pallet applicator can act as one, two or three sided applicator... more

Product Serialisation

Achieving compliance with regulations Zetes’ serialisation and DataMatrix identification solution MD9000 helps you achieve compliance with the latest pharma regulations and recommendations, issued by organizations, such as the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations), the... more

Industrial Wireless Infrastructure

Ensure security, gain speed and efficiency and enjoy peace of mind with a professional wireless network infrastructure from an experienced provider. You can rely on Zetes for: Independent hardware advice A site survey, resulting in a comprehensive report detailing all hardware and configuration specifications The... more

Vehicle Mounted Terminals

Zetes supply a complete range of fixed vehicle mounted terminals from all the leading brands including Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Datalogic and IND. We will advise you on the best truck mounted terminal to suit your needs. Some important considerations when selecting a terminal include: Mounting brackets: The... more

Industrial Labels and Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Industrial Labels Selecting the right label for your printer is important to ensure total printer compatibility, maximum performance and optimal quality. Zetes supplies a complete range of direct thermal and thermal transfer self-adhesive labels to support a wide range of bar code printers. Our specialists will be happy to... more

RFID Readers and RFID Gates

In processes such as asset tracking or shipment verification the use of RFID can bring significant benefits. Zetes work with partners such as Motorola (by Zebra), Intermec (by Honeywell), Zebra, Datamax, and other RFID-specialised providers, to offer any type of RFID tags (Low, high and ultra-high frequency; passive or... more

Voice Terminals & Headsets

Zetes is the no. 1 voice solutions provider in EMEA. Our next-generation voice solution ZetesMedea Voice is used every day by more than 150.000 operators in more than 1.500 projects. We provide and support voice terminals and headsets from all leading providers and will advise you on the best choice for your operations:... more

Rugged Mobile Terminals and Handheld Computers

Zetes has over 30 years of experience selling and supporting mobile terminals and handheld computers. We are the biggest re-seller of ruggedised Motorola (by Zebra) and Honeywell devices across EMEA. The Best Terminal For You We will advise you on the best device to suit your needs, whether that be a handheld or wearable... more

Labelling Systems

Labelling Solutions Our print & apply solutions efficiently identify items, boxes and pallets with labels that are printed and applied in real-time. Thanks to a solid integration with the WMS, MES or ERP system and the production line, these industrial Labelling solutions are the better choice in demanding environments... more

Labelling Software

Easy Barcode labelling & printing In a fast-moving business world, it is essential to have barcode design and management software and tools that enable fast setup, easy integration to SAP and other middleware/systems, as well as flexible technical requirements. Label Management Software Easy look-up and... more

Custom Labelling systems

Custom Labelling systems tailored to your Needs Our specialists, from the Zetes workshops, design and develop custom-built labelling systems for multiple purposes. These customized systems are built in function of the product, the label and the position of the label on the product. At all times tailored to... more

Label Printers

Zetes provides and supports a comprehensive range of label and thermal transfer printers from leading industry manufacturers. Whether you require a light mobile printer for a retail environment or an industrial printer for a manufacturing environment, we will advise you on the best model. Printers from Zebra... more

Print & Apply Units

Flexible Labelling solutions The visibility of your products depends to a large extent on its packaging. Zetes’ automated and semi-automated labelling solutions securely identify your products using the labels of your choice. Whether you need a basic solution or a complete installation, our flexible modules can be... more

Image Readers and Image Gates

Image readers and image gates utilising Zetes’ next generation, patented machine vision technology (ImageID) optimise a number of supply chain processes, such as: Shipment verification Dock Door Control Returnable Asset tracking See image readers and gates at work Attention! Depending on your business process... more

Barcode Scanners

Zetes supplies and supports the entire range of barcode scanners from all the leading manufacturers including Motorola (Zebra), Intermec (by Honeywell) and Honeywell. Our specialists will advise you on the best scanner to suit your needs and your environment. The two main categories of barcode scanners that Zetes supplies... more