Secure identification and traceability along your packaging line

Imagine you could manage, secure and control your packaging process in such a way that:

  • You configure your lines and launch your PO from a unique interface
  • You increase your productivity while answering regulatory requirements
  • You can easily manage products serialization to limit counterfeit business risks & responsibility issues
  • You can ensure your products identification at highest capacity with zero errors

With the ZetesAtlas packaging execution solution you can.  

Your Benefits 

  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Establish foundation for traceability
  • Flexible and agile line management
  • Complete & real-time performance visibility
  • Enable seamless data-exchange between all partners along your supply chain when combined with ZetesOlympus 

Your Benefits »

How it works 

  • Solution dedicated to Packaging Execution
  • Central management of the entire packaging process
  • Real time link between information system & packaging lines
  • Coding, labelling, inspection & data recording at any level : Item-Box-Pallet Production reporting 

How It Works »

Technology & Integration

  • Interoperability with Information System
  • Secure data-management
  • Integrated on existing systems or ID stations from Zetes
  • Technology agnostic
  • Manages dynamic data carriers: datamatrix RFID, databar ...
  • Integrated with other track & trace solutions for end-to-end traceability
  • GS1 compliant

Technology & Integration »